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tween May and Corbyn

scussions."We urge t▓he prime minister to come forward with genuine changes to her deal in an effort to find an▓ alternative that can win support in Parliament and bring the country together," the L


abour statement said."GO NUCLEAR"Leave supporting Conservative MP a▓nd former minister Owen Paterson said his party should "go nuclear and push for a no-deal ▓Brexit," adding that "Conservatives have nine days left to save themselves from political annihilation."Politician Steve Baker, deputy chair of the Eur

opean Research Group (ERG) of pro-le

,▓ which star Dolor Sit

ave▓ Conservative MPs, said: "If only the government would abandon pursuit of a customs union in all but name, this crisis would end."The campaign group Peop▓le's Vote, which wants a second Brexit r


eferendum, criticized May's decision to seek another extension.Veteran Labour politician and former Foreign Secretar▓y Margaret Beckett, who supports the campaign, ▓said in a statement: "The good news is that the pr▓ime minister has accepted there has to be an e▓xtension to the Brexit deadline. The bad news is that yet again she has chosen the worst option and ▓done so for the worst reason, just to keep her failed strat▓egy and her Brexit deal alive."Beckett added: May "is taking both the British people and EU leaders for fools because we all know this is just another time-buying, can-kicking effort to hold her bitterly divi▓ded

party together.""CAN-KICKING AND CHAOS"Stephen Gethins, Europe spokesman for the Scottish Nationalist Party, said: "More than three years on from the EU referendum and the prime▓ minister's approach is still dictated by can-kicking and chaos."Gethins said that with the British Parliament unable to reach a consensus it must now be the priority that the issue is brought back to the people in a fresh second EU referendum, with the option to remain on the ballot paper.The ▓Green Party's only MP at Westminster, Car▓oline Lucas, commented: "The prime mini

s▓ter is at odds with reality. The

the t▓wo sides

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EU rejected this proposal just weeks ago. We're now at the mercy of their decision. This is a national humiliatio▓n. Far from taking back control, we are now▓ completely at the mercy of the EU27."This letter als▓o undermines ongoing talks with Labour by effectively▓ ruling out a people's vote on the final deal. Both party leaders, and o

tinue di

ur EU partners, must recognize that we nee▓d more time to get out of this gridlock, and n▓ot force Parliament to make a decision in da▓ys which it's been impossible to get to in almost three years."DOMESTIC IMPACTMeanwhil▓e, Brexit is having an impact on domestic po▓litics. In a parliamentary by-election in South Wales,

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